The Symbolism Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Discover the meaning of cushion-cut diamonds and shop at Rare Carat for a perfect stone.

When you shop lab created diamonds by shape, how many other cuts can compare to the quality of Rare Carat cushion cut diamonds? Their timeless form and endless sparkle are indisputable. They are one of the most popular options for engagement rings to buy online, but have you ever wondered if they have a secret meaning? Did you ever worry if that meaning is not suitable for a symbol of eternal love?

Fear not, because these rocks come with symbolism worthy of their shine.


While many would think that a <a href=””>princess-cut diamond</a> would suit, well, a princess, it’s the cushion-cut that has been a favorite amongst the royalty for centuries.

And it makes sense. As one of the most complicated cuts to produce, it was exclusively accessible to the highest echelons of society until recently. Pay more attention to royal portraiture and you will notice numerous cushion-cut stones set in rings, necklaces, crowns, etc.

When speaking of the royals and diamonds, why not talk about one of the most scandalous royal engagements in history? In 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated his throne so he can marry the love of his life, Wallis Simpson. For this occasion, he presented her with a cushion-cut emerald which sparked interest in this engagement ring design “across the pond”. Over the decades, he presented the Duchess of Windsor with many other jewels featuring this cut.

But if you are looking for a more contemporary example, look no further than the ring finger of Queen Letizia of Spain. Her engagement is an “eternity design” with no central stone, but multiple cushion-cut diamonds. Unfortunately, she rarely wears her ring in public and we haven’t seen it since the wedding day itself. Apparently, all that ice is too painful for her royal hand.


When you list the most famous diamond in your head, how does the Hope diamond rank? This magnificent rock came from the collection of Lous XVI and Marie Antoinette and now resides in the Smithsonian Museum. Not only is it historically significant, but it also helped us learn more about the formation of diamonds.

But the main reason why a cushion-cut diamond will always scream “luxury” is because of the cut itself. No matter its weight and other features, it will be more expensive than its counterparts. It starts with the process of mining and sourcing rough diamonds that have specific qualities that allow for this type of cut in the first. Then it continues with a cutting process that demands expertise and precision. It’s a labor-intensive process that adds to the overall cost of the diamond.

And if there is more need to prove the cushion-cut diamonds’ cred, click <a href=””>here</a> to see them sparkle on many celebrity fingers.

Timeless Love

When you shop at Rare Carat, you will encounter many designs that communicate everlasting love. However, a cushion cut reigns supreme when it comes to the clarity of this message. The classic shape with intricate facets and rounded corners is timeless and elegant, mirroring the everlasting nature of love. Its sparkle doesn’t fade easily with time, just like true love is supposed to defy the strain of trials and tribulations of life.

The longevity of a cushion-cut rock is only compared to the ageless grace of a steadfast commitment that stands defiant in the face of all challenges.

Though our ability to shop lab created diamonds makes it easier to find raw stones that out suitable for this cut, the scarcity of suitable materials in nature illustrates how rare true love is to find. Add this to the classic symbolism of a diamond being formed under pressure and it further shows how love becomes even stronger and more beautiful through shared experiences and the willingness to grow together.

Moreover, the cushion shape transcends fleeting trends. Just as people used to flock to balls at Versaille to catch a glimpse of the Hope diamond, today we travel to the Smithsonian to enjoy its beauty as well. And just as we fondly remember the beginning of our love story, so our hearts fill with warmth when we see the same feelings still in bloom in our sunset years.


Luckily, today you can shop lab created diamonds, making it easier for regular people to indulge in the sparkle of cushion-cut stones. But if you can’t handle all that shine, you can explore other brilliant cuts <a href=””>here</a>.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Rare Carat’s customer service. They will be happy to help you design and buy online a perfect engagement ring to perfectly convey your feelings.