The Magnificent Cushion-Cut Diamonds of the World

The cushion-cut diamond has been around for 200 years and was well-appreciated as the candlelight diamond. The cut came into existence when there was no electricity. The original one had large facets resembling the sparkle of the candlelights. Hence, it was well-liked as the candlelight diamond. The cushion cut has soft round corners with a square shape. The shape and corners give it a pillow or cushion-like appearance. Also, the soft-looking edges add a romantic touch to your diamond. This unique quality makes it perfect for engagement rings. You can shop at Rare Carat and choose from different proportions and types.

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The cushion cut looks like a princess cut with a few differences. If you observe closely, you will feel that cushion cuts have soft edges that make them different from princess cuts.

Types of Cushion Cuts

The cushion cut is the most sought-after diamond for engagement rings due to its timeless beauty and exceptional sparkle. Also, it is available in four different styles. These are old mine cut, brilliant cut, hybrid cut, and crushed ice cut. 

Old Mine Cut 

Old mine or miner cut is one of the earliest cuts and has been around since the 1700s. It received the most appreciation and recognition during Edwardian and Victorian eras. This cut has an enlarged culet, high crown, deep pavilion, and large geometric facets. Its weight will be more than other cushion cut types.

Brilliant Cut

The advancement of cutting technology created the brilliant-cut cushion shape that looks like the old mine cut. The facets of this cut extend outward from the center of the stone to the outer edge. You will appreciate its extraordinary brilliance. However, it is the most expensive of all cushion-cut types.

Hybrid Cushion Cut

The hybrid cushion cut has additional facets to get more brilliance or sparkle. It is also well-liked as the modified brilliant cut. This cut combines the faceted style of the brilliant cut with different facet patterns. It features modified facets within the pavilion to create more shine and brilliance. You can expect a classy look and timeless sparkle with a hybrid cushion.

Crushed Ice 

It is the most recent cushion cut with some unique features. It gives a sparkle similar to sparkling water. It features shorter star facets and saves a portion of the original stones. It is less expensive than other cut types. However, it is the most popular cut for engagement or wedding rings.

Settings for Cushion Cuts

The cushion cut looks brilliant with an array of settings. The old antique style of this cut will look exceptional with vintage styles, but you can have it in a more trendy ring setting. You can consider a prong setting to enhance the sparkle and visibility of your diamond. Many prefer four prong setting to have plenty of light from the diamond. However, you can have six prongs for more rectangular cushion cuts. 

The halo setting is worth considering for a brilliant and sparkling look. Halo will give more security to your diamond by protecting its edges. The vintage style is ideal when you want an authentic antique setting. You will have many options in vintage-inspired designs. The bezel setting is perfect for a modern look. However, your diamond will appear smaller with less sparkle.

Where to Buy Your Cushion Cut Diamond

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