Longevity Health Launches SingFit Therapeutic Music Program for Members Across the United States

Longevity Health Plan, one of the nation’s fastest growing Institutional Special Needs Plans (ISNP), announced it will now cover the therapeutic music health platform SingFit, which helps those struggling with cognitive and mental health issues including Alzheimer’s disease. Created by Musical Health Technologies, SingFit is now being offered across eight states for Longevity members who reside in skilled nursing facilities. Longevity is the first ISNP to cover the cost of SingFit, a giant step in the advancement and availability of therapeutic music to enable healthier, happier lives for long-term care members across the U.S.

Longevity Coverage of SingFit is a Major Milestone in the Availability and use of Therapeutic Music

In addition to Alzheimer’s disease Singfit helps with those who are struggling with cognitive and mental health issues including other forms of dementia as well as speech impairments, depression, anxiety and feelings of social isolation. SingFit expands access to music as medicine for those looking to improve neurological, physical, and emotional health of elderly people in group and one-on-one sessions.

“Longevity’s decision to approve the use of Singfit for its members is a historic moment for those suffering from cognitive issues within the United States,” said Rachel Francine, CEO and Co-Founder of Musical Health Technologies. “While many national health systems recognize the benefits of music, payers in the United States have lagged behind. Longevity’s forward-thinking approach and how they leverage technology through breakthrough programs will accelerate the adoption of music as medicine and we’re honored to partner with them as we provide potentially thousands of members with SingFit.”

SingFit is the sole active therapeutic music program that is capable of scalable growth with Longevity. Facilitators and caregivers can deliver sessions in both group and one-on-one settings without any prior musical training while utilizing Lyric Coach, a breakthrough technology that features a catalog of the world’s top charting music including The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog,” and Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon.” Facilitators essentially use the program to tap into patients’ core memories through singing and conversational prompts to activate both the mind and body. The benefits of prescribed singing, including helping to improve the cognitive, physical and mental health of everyone, is supported by research from Harvard Medical School, the U.S. National Institute of Health, the UK’s National Health Services among many other institutions.

“Joining as an Activity Director at one of the partner facilities, I never imagined a therapeutic music program that could connect elderly people with one another, spark memories and joy, while also fostering transformation through thoughtful engagement,” said Sara Leung.

SingFit is currently in use at over 500 senior living communities with more than 50 enterprise customers including Sunrise Senior Living, Eskaton Senior Living and Carlton Senior Living, among others. More than 2,600 staff at the long-term facilities have gone through SingFit training to moderate sessions with over 32,000 total participants who have engaged in 12 million individual singing experiences.

Musical Health Technologies was founded by board-certified music therapist Andy Tubman and technology industry veteran Rachel Francine, a brother-sister duo who based it on an idea their inventor/opera-singing father, Lou Tubman, had in the mid-60s. It took decades for the technology infrastructure to catch up with Lou’s vision, but now that it has, Musical Health Technologies is rapidly bringing therapeutic music to the world.

About Longevity Health Plan
Longevity Health Plan is an Institutional Special Needs Plan (ISNP), a specialized Medicare Advantage health plan serving people living in skilled nursing facilities. We partner with leading nursing homes around the country to improve the health and quality of life of residents by caring for their unique medical, social and emotional needs.

About Musical Health Technologies
Musical Health Technologies was founded in 2016 by Andy Tubman, a certified music therapist, and Rachel Francine, a technology industry veteran. They created the digital health platform SingFit, which combines active singing with music therapy to meet the needs of millions of seniors with cognitive decline. SingFit’s flagship offering, SingFit PRIME, is used across 500 communities with 2,600 certified facilitators and more than 32,000 total users. There have been more than 12 million individual SingFit sessions to date.

Musical Health Technologies’ SingFit has received multiple awards from AARP, Keck Medical Center of USC, and the American Telemedicine Association. For more information, visit –