folding chair

A portable chair which size after folding meets hand luggage dimension restrictions that are common for most of the airlines. Simple, light and surprisingly comfortable .

type: academic work | design
design: june 2013
author: Pawel Kochanski

Main concept was to create a folding chair which size will meet hand luggage dimensions restrictions that are common for most of the airlines. Object after folding was supposed not to exceed dimensions 55x40x20 cm. To meet these requirements and at the same time make useful and comfortable chair, a lot of case studies were done. Developed way of folding may seem to be complex at first sight, but in fact it’s really easy and simple. Chair is rather light thanks to chosen materials and has a string which could be used to carry it like a bag. Mobility was also one of the issues for creating this chair.

Another important issue in designing this chair was to maintain good proportions of seat, legs and back. Front leg and back-rest were designed so that they create a straight line after unfolding the chair and underline importance of these direction. These elements are also made with wider planks (70mm) are also painted in the same color (white) , so this give even stronger effort to differentiate and “isolate” them from other parts of structure. Seat and rear leg create another composition, with angled relation. These elements are thinner and seem to play minor role in the whole composition. Seat planks are set and fixed in the same direction as the other elements. Rotation axis based on a wooden tube is visible on the side of the chair, as well as blocking tubes. It follows the idea of making the structure visible, that we can immediately imagine the way this object works. To stop legs from spreading apart thin metal string was used, which could also be used as a belt to carry the chair.

Surprisingly this chair is a very comfortable seat. Its dimensions are a compromise between user’s personal ergonomic requirements and hand luggage dimensions limitations. It meets very well its design goals – to be portable, easy to carry light chair, but at the same very comfortable.

Chair construction is based on four frames, each one smaller from the previous, which could fit into each other. All the frames are rotating on wooden tube of 30mm diameter. Shorter wooden tubes with same diameter are used to block chair after unfolding. Material chosen to build chair frames was plywood plate with 15 mm thickness. . It was cut into planks of 60 and 70 mm width. Those planks are connected into frames with box-joint connections, glued together. Metal string goes through the front and rear leg through holes with 4mm diameter, protected with metal rings. To the shorter tubes metal string is attached with screws.






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