Project introduces modular system of prefabricated construction, which could be extended accordingly to it’s inhabitants need on a basic 6mx9m lot .

place: Portugal | Lisbon
type: academic work | Laboratorio de Projecto VI
design: February 2013
author: Pawel Kochanski




About Barruncho. The Bairro do Barruncho slum (Barruncho’s neighbourhood) is located on the edge of Lisbon’s municipality border,between the parish o Póvoa de Santo Adriao and the parish of Odivelas. It’s somehow rough ground wich began to form in th 1960’s. Spreading on rather steep hill brings on mind well known favelas from Rio de Janeiro, except of its much smaller scale. Most of its inhabitants are of african origin, majority of them from Capo Verde and Angola, but also about 40% of them are Portuguese nationality. There is also quite big Gypsy community. It is composed of a high number of provisional self-made constructions , where there are about 130 households with rather poor hygienic conditions.
Despite their rather rough living situation, people from Barruncho (especially African immigrants) are very warm and welcoming people. It’s very clear that they are trying to live a normal life in their small community.


conceptual sketch – modular terraces

New proposal. Project introduces modular system of prefabricated construction, which could be extended accordingly to it’s inhabitants need. A family may claim to the municipality for a basic 6×9 lot with a basic single-room shed and a construction that makes a possibility of further development. Every lot has a part of land which is dedicated for a small garden and is forbid to be build on. House extension is continued upwards and could be doneby family members, limited by construction frame.Project concentrates on rather high density and growing upward, rather than spreading buildings horizontally.
Thanks to this some parts of land are saved to introduce elements which ar crucial for every community, like private gardens, green zones, but most of all a common public space. It actually follows the very visible need of current Barruncho’s community to gather together, a need for integration. It creates an opportunity to make social bonds stronger and can make a slum a better and safer place. In response to Barruncho’s natural conditions, its rather steep formation, most of the public space is located on stairs and terraces, which is actually quite common situation in Lisbon. It creates somehow ‘amphiteatrical’ space, that provides some nice place to sit and relax.
In new proposal the biggest concern was to improve conditions of life for people in Barruncho, introduce ideas that will change their difficult and somehow ‘outkast’ situation, but at the same time to be delicate and to understand subtle importance of local community identification. Therefore major construction material used is concrete, but all the ‘filling’ is made by locals themselves, so that they could make it the way they want, that there is nothing imposed and dictated. They can use all the materials they want, all the colours they want, even tough the frame is always the same…




lot occupation scheme




usage scheme matrix






aerial view



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